How to Host a Winter BBQ That Will Impress Your Friends and Family

opening roof patio

As the temperature continues to drop, you can be forgiven for wanting to pack up the grill and cosy up indoors instead.

However, there are benefits to firing up the barbecue in the cold weather. There are no flies to swat. You get to rug up in your favorite winter clothing. And you can roast up some toasty marshmallows at the end as well.

If you’re the kind of person who just cannot resist the temptation of a home-style barbecue – even when the comfort of indoor heating beckons – this guide is for you. Let Opening Louvre Roof show you: how to prepare your cooking environment, special considerations for cooking in winter, and the best way to dine outdoors.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Preparation is Key :

Wear warm clothes:

Just because the food you cook will be hot, that doesn’t mean you will be. You could be spending a few hours outside preparing, cooking, and serving your food, so be sure to bundle up.

But remember, safety first. Avoid wearing scarves, tassels, or any other item of clothing that may hang close to the grill. And be sure to wear heat-resistant gloves when operating the grill – not snow gloves.

Prepare the cooking environment :

You may need to reposition where your BBQ is currently located. Where practical, move the BBQ to a part of the outdoor space that is far away from combustible material, and there is at least 2 feet of overhang above you. To avoid wind exposure, try moving the BBQ next to the house either in a corner or next to a wall.

Does your outdoor living space have an opening roof patio? If so, you’re in luck. That means you can open the adjustable louvres to let air pass through and ventilate the undercover area. This way, any smoke you produce will rise and pass through the opening roof patio louvres, instead of building up and exposing you to harmful carcinogen.

Invest in outdoor lighting to help you see clearly at night. Visit your local hardware store to choose from a range of weatherproof lighting products, such as exterior wall brackets, ceiling lights, light bar spotlights, and bollards. These products can also illuminate pathways and provide extra security as well.

Have Extra Gas:

When the weather is cold, your grill will take longer to heat up and maintain a consistent temperature. Therefore, you can expect to use more gas than usual.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep an extra bottle of gas handy. That way, if you unexpectedly run out during a grilling session, you can simply replace the bottle and keep cooking at your own pace.

Outdoor Winter Cooking :

Now you’re ready to fire up the grill and start cooking! Keep in mind, the cold weather does present a few unique challenges, which makes the experience quite different from outdoor cooking in summer.

Food takes longer to cook :

Due to the extreme cold your grill may take longer than usual to heat up. Some components may even be frozen solid depending on where you live. Simply give your BBQ an extra 5 minutes to heat up before you start cooking.

Certain foods will take longer to cook as well. For instance, foods like chicken, roast, ribs, and turkey may take substantially longer than they do in warm weather. Be sure to add an extra 20 – 30 minutes on top of your standard cooking schedule so you don’t keep hungry mouths waiting.

Remember to keep food warm before serving as well. To do this, heat up a cast iron pan and transfer your cooked food to the pan until ready to serve. Keep in mind the cast iron pan will continue to cook the food for a bit longer. So transfer it to the pan just slightly before the food is ready to serve.

Dine in the great outdoors:

Since you’ve gone to the effort of grilling outside, why not dine in the outdoors too? Invest in a timber outdoor dining to host dining parties at your leisure any time of year. If you want to fight off the cold, invest in a portable gas, electric, or wood outdoor heater to stay toasty warm as well.

Top off the experience with a few bottles of wine, some music, and you’re set for a fantastic night of fun, laughter, and great food.

Sound like your idea of a great evening? Discover how an opening roof patio can help you enjoy the ritual of BBQ’ing all year round. To request a FREE consultation, call 1300 761 201 or fill out the online form.

How to Bring the Wow Factor to Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

patio louvres

Let Opening Louvre Roof show you how to get the most from your outdoor living space

By making your outdoor space more attractive, comfortable and inviting, the results could do wonders for your social life and enhance the value of your property.

From custom lighting and climate control to opening louvred roofs, here are 5 simple ways to bring the WOW factor to your outdoor entertainment space:

Custom Lighting:

Whether you entertain on a regular basis, get home from work late at night, or you just want to appreciate the beauty of your garden, custom lighting is a great way to illuminate the outdoor space and enhance the look of existing features – such as trees, garden beds, hedges, and bushes.

Choose from a range of UV-rated lighting products to brighten up your outdoor space. Install a 4 light spotlight on the ceiling to illuminate the dining area. Place a few outdoor posts around your garden bed to light up the backyard. Or illuminate the front or backdoor with an exterior wall bracket.

Best of all? Outdoor lighting is easy to install and weatherproof for long-lasting performance.

Climate Control:

In order to feel comfortable outdoors all year round, you need to plan for the extreme heat and cold.

Here are a few useful tips to help you achieve just that.

Outdoor Heating:

Install a temporary or permanent gas, electric, or wood heater to keep warm in winter. Gas heaters are portable, come in a range of styles and sizes to heat up small and large areas, and they can either be hooked up to a natural gas line or propane gas bottle.

Electric heaters can be portable or installed as a permanent setup on the ceiling and are also cheap to run and do not require refilling.

For wood heaters, whether you purchase a fire pit or chiminea, you can supply your own wood and use other burning materials (i.e. newspaper, garden waste) to keep the fire alive.

Cool off in summer:

To stay cool in summer, you can invest in portable fans to place around the outdoor living space. While not as effective as outdoor heaters, the fans can help disperse the heat trapped undercover and improve the general flow of air.

Of course, the most effective way to keep cool is to have a shaded area.
With a retractable opening roof you can take control of the environment. Using a remote control or manual winder, you can rotate the adjustable louvred roof to change the direction of sunlight, improve airflow and ventilation, and block out harsh UV rays. As a result, you and your guests will stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

Best of all? Even if the weather turns sour you can keep the festivities going under the comfort of a retractable roof. So you can relax, entertain, and play any time of day, all year round – through all seasons.

To book a FREE site inspection, call Opening Louvre Roof on 1300 761 201 or fill out the online form.

Outdoor Furniture:

Of course, you need furniture to complete your outdoor living space. However, the trick is to choose furniture that reflects your lifestyle. Do you plan to host regular dinner parties? Or will you be having casual hangouts? By having a clear vision on how you plan to use the outdoor space, you can purchase the right furniture to suit your needs.

These days, no longer is outdoor furniture limited to the wealthy. You can choose outdoor furniture in a range of styles and weatherproof materials to suit any budget. Most products are made from weatherproof timber, fabric, and wicker, which are all designed to resist the effects of outdoor exposure – such as fading, mould, discolouration, and warping.

And they require very little maintenance to keep their good looks as well. How’s that for convenience?

Outdoor Decking :

One of the most effective ways to create a seamless indoor-outdoor living space is with timber decking.

Outdoor decking comes in a range of hardwood materials and finishes to complement any outdoor space. Popular native species include cedar, redwood, ironbark, redgum, and blackwood. Not only do they look fantastic, they are highly durable and resistant to the elements.

Another benefit of outdoor decking is the increased level of comfort. On its own, decking is comfortable to walk on and won’t make your feet hot in the summer (especially if you have a retractable roof over your head).

Best of all? If your outdoor living space is on raised terrain, you can customize the layout of your timber deck with stairs and slopes to elevate the outdoor living experience.

Want to enjoy the finest outdoor living has to offer? Upgrade your outdoor space with a versatile and durable retractable roof.

Call Opening Louvre Roof on 1300 761 201 or fill out the online form. One of our friendly staff will book a FREE site inspection on a suitable day and time.

Winterising Your Patio: 8 Outdoor Winter Decorating Ideas for Entertaining

outdoor winter decorating ideas

When winter makes its way to our homes, we’re often left with indoor living only. Harsh winter weather forces us to leave our outdoor living spaces until spring shines down on it. But this no longer needs to be an issue.

There are ways to fight back against winter conditions and continue enjoying your patio. Don’t let winter rains and cold winds keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. Prepare your patio with these 8 outdoor winter decorating ideas, and you’ll enjoy entertaining guests during any season!

1. Add a Rug

Although adding a rug to an outdoor space may seem unusual, there are rugs made for outdoor living areas. Adding a rug to your patio brings comfort and warmth to the outdoor living space. It’s a good way to keep your feet warm on cooler days, and fabrics add colour to what may be a more simple design.

Along with the rug, consider laying out faux fur pillows, blankets, or cushions. You can also add in textures like velvet or yarn. The fabrics hold onto the heat and will keep you cosy, so be sure to have a heat source nearby.

These materials will need to be stored away when not being used to protect them from outdoors conditions, but they’re an essential part of outdoor space during the winter. If you can find them in waterproof material, then you’re ready to go. But if not, you can simply store them in plastic bags inside a bench. 

2. Consider Gas Heaters

When considering what type of heat source to add into your outdoor living space, don’t overlook gas heaters. Gas heaters are ideal because they don’t give off any sparks or flames when sitting close by. They give off an even amount of heat throughout an area.

Strip-heaters are mounted high and work best in covered areas. The tall gas heaters work well in open spaces. Choose a style that you believe will fit your outdoor living area and be the perfect heating source for your guests.

3. Open Fire Pit With Beautiful Colour Contrast

When looking for the best ambience, sometimes it doesn’t get much better than a natural open fire pit. For days when the winter winds aren’t strong, you won’t have to worry too much about flames and sparks flickering. Having an open fire pit with a beautiful colour contrast will stun your visitors.

Consider pairing the fire pit with bench seating around it featuring orange cushions. The orange colour goes well with the dry grey skies in the winter. And the orange in the cushions brings out the orange in the fire for a colourful evening.

4. Warm Metals With Fairy Lights

The winter season is all about staying warm. Choosing decorations made with warm metals is a great way to capture the heat. Purchase bronze, brass, or copper decorations to add depth to the area. 

A great pairing with these warm metals is the use of fairy lights. Take a string of fairy lights and hang them up around the patio. Avoid using any type of spotlight as they will take away from the intimate nature of your patio. 

If the fairy lights don’t give your guests and yourself enough light to move around in, consider adding in other forms of light such as lanterns or garden stake lights. Adding in all these lights together will give you the brightness you need without changing the quaint garden feel. And the more lighting that you have, the more warmth you’ll feel. 

5. Add Some Drapes

For areas that deal with winter rains and winds, drapes are a great addition to the outdoor living space. Go with heavy curtains in dark colours. Always remember to shop for ones made for the outdoors. 

These heavy and dark curtains are a sure way to keep out cooler weather from a secluded outdoor living space. The dark colours soak in the sunlight and the heavy material works to keep out cold winds. Pair these curtains with black or dark-coloured accents such as pillows, tables, and rugs. 

6. Rustic-Chic Retreat 

The rustic-chic retreat is the perfect secluded outdoor area perfect for cold winter days. This area can be built with stone walls and a built-in fireplace. Hang a bed swing in this patio retreat and throw some of those cosy pillows on top. 

The rustic-chic retreat is a great space for cuddling up with your favourite novel and staying warm in the winter while enjoying the outdoors. The stone walls work well for keeping the chilly breeze from reaching your nose. And the swinging bed makes you and your guests feel like its a private getaway. 

7. Create Boundaries

If building a stone wall isn’t applicable for your space, there are other ways to create boundaries for keeping the winter chill out. Use plants, shrubbery, or fencing to build a wall. 

You may even want to consider creating a “green wall” where vines can grow and help protect you from cooler weather. And they work great as a feature wall.

8. Open Roofs for Climate Control

Having an open roof over your patio area creates optimal climate control. Open the shutters of your roof when the sun is out and allow yourself to soak up all those warm rays. When the sun fades and the rain starts to come in, simply close the shutters and remain outdoors without the worry of getting wet. 

Open roofs are the ultimate add on for any outdoor living area. Once you’ve gotten together your style, lighting, heat source, and other decorating ideas, you’ll want to tie it all together with a climate control roof. This ensures that you’ll enjoy your patio during every season of the year.

Don’t Miss Out on These Outdoor Winter Decorating Ideas

When looking to give your outdoor patio a facelift, don’t forget to keep these outdoor winter decorating ideas in mind. You and your guests will have no problem staying warm during the winter in your new patio! 

And when you’re ready to add on your climate control roof, request a free quote from us and we’ll help you get your project started!

9 Benefits of Having a Louvered Roof

louvered roofs

Whether your idea of outdoor fun is entertaining guests, playing with the kids, or curling up to a good book, a louvered roof lets you enjoy the great outdoors through all seasons in comfort and style.

For landlords and property developers, a louvered roof can greatly boost the resale value and market appeal of your home. Considering how much us Aussies love to spend time outdoors, the idea of owning a private luxury outdoor space is a real clincher for buyers on the property market.

Of course, these benefits barely scratch the surface as to explain why a louvered roof is a great investment. Here are 9 more reasons why a louvered roof should be on your renovation checklist.

Weather Protection

Tired of being washed out by the rain? Or sweating in the scorching hot sun? Worry no more. When you invest in a louvered roof these minor inconveniences become a problem of the past.

Open the louvres to let in more natural light and airflow. Close them to protect yourself from rain, hail, and extreme heat. Thanks to the 180 degree rotation you can adjust the louvres to provide just the right amount of light and air, keeping you comfortable through all seasons.

Better Social Life

There’s something about being outside that makes socialising extra special. When you have a dedicated outdoor space you have more opportunities to work, rest, and play in the company of close friends and loved ones.

Whether you want to host a lavish dinner party, Sunday roast with mates, or a romantic dinner for two under the stars, the world is your oyster. You have the freedom to spend as much time outdoors as you wish, any way you like.

Don’t be surprised if your friends and family think of any excuse to spend more time at your place!

Increased Resale Value

You’ve probably asked yourself this question before, “Sounds great, but just how much of a Return on Investment (ROI) can an opening louvered roof really deliver?” That depends on a few things.

One of the key factors is quality of materials. Here the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ very much does apply. Simply put, the cheaper the materials are the less likely they are to withstand the diverse Australian climate. What does this mean for you? Well, after just a few years of use – even with regular maintenance – you may start to see the signs of ageing in the form of chips, splinters, rust, corrosion, mould, fungi, decay, fading, warping, and more.

Another factor is the design of the outdoor space itself. If the area is spacious and complements the current design of the house, then it’s bound to impress buyers. But if the area is cramped and doesn’t really ‘gel’ with the rest of the place, its inclusion may not be enough to justify a higher resale price.

While the average ROI can vary considerably, if the job is done expertly and correctly, a louvered roof could provide an 80 ROI.

Quality Materials

When you purchase from Opening Louvre Roof you can be confident in the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

To ensure lasting performance each component – which includes the roof, support beams, guttering, and more – is treated with a weatherproof finish. Powder coating is available in a range of colours to match your current home and the surrounding outdoor space.
Better still, all timber is treated with a UV finish to prevent warping and fading.

Extra Living Space

If you feel a bit cramped inside than an outdoor extension is a great way to free up space.

How? Well, you could transfer a room in the house that already exists from inside to the outdoor space. For example, you could transform the outdoor space into an alfresco dining area, and then convert the previous dining room into a 2nd living room.

Depending on your specific preferences, there are a number of ways you can make the most of your new outdoor space. If you’re stuck for ideas, talk to a louvered roof installation expert. They will gladly show you design ideas to give you inspiration and share their own expert tips as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sound cliché? Maybe, but there is truth behind this statement. When you purchase a roof from Opening Louvre Roof, you will have peace of mind knowing your investment is safe in the form of a workmanship guarantee and manufacturer warranty.

That means if you are not 100% thrilled with the quality of your louvered roof, the team will be happy to address your concerns and rectify any issues that come up during your warranty period. Best of all? You pay nothing more to enjoy this benefit.

Complement Your Current Home

From roof designs and colours to roof profiles, materials, and weatherproof coatings, nearly every aspect of your opening roof can be customised to suit your preferred style and budget.

With the right combination, it’s easy to make your outdoor roof look like a natural extension of your home. This way, you can preserve the consistency of your existing design and even give an older home a modern facelift.


With a louvered opening roof you can reduce the cost of your energy bills. When the weather heats up, simply close the louvres and you won’t have any sunlight breach the interior space.

By keeping the heat out, you won’t need to rely as much on costly appliances to stay cool during summer. Therefore you will save money in the long-run. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint too!

Convenient Wireless Control

Thanks to the handy remote control, you can operate your louvres from any part of the house within a reasonable range of the device. With the click of a button you can close the louvres when storm clouds are brewing, or open up the roof to enjoy the brilliant sun.

No need to get up from where you are to use a manual winder. Stay where you are and control the louvres from the comfort of your current spot. Best of all? You can request built-in rain and wind sensors, which automatically closes the louvres to avoid rainfall and protect the roof from damage due to extreme wind.

5 Reasons to Install an Opening Roof Patio

opening roofs patios

Want to enjoy a moment of tranquillity in the comfort of your own private outdoor sanctuary? Host memorable gatherings for friends and family? Or treat the kids to a play area that gets them out of the house?

If so, then a beautiful and versatile opening roof could be right up your alley.

Why? Well, for starters, you can install them onto any deck or patio to instantly transform your outdoor space. Better still, an undercover living space will boost the resale value of your home, and appeal to buyers looking for their own slice of paradise in the great outdoors.

And that’s not all. An opening roof can be tailor-made to meet the unique specifications of your current home. Which gives you the freedom to choose from a range of colours, designs, materials and roof profiles. This way, your installation will appear as a seamless and natural extension of your property.

`Of course, these are just some of the many reasons why an opening roof is a wise investment. Here are 5 more ways an opening roof can enhance the outdoor living experience for you.

Spent Time Outdoors When You Want

Have you ever had to cut short (or cancel) an outdoor event because of bad weather? If so, then you know just how frustrating it is to plan around Mother Nature’s schedule. Imagine if you could enjoy the great outdoors any time of the day, 365 days a year?

Now you can with a versatile opening roof.

With the touch of a button on your remote control, you can open and close the louvres to your liking. Want to soak in the suns’ glorious rays? Click! Let there be light. Are storm clouds warning you of incoming rain? Click! Now you and your guests are safe from the elements.

You’ll feel empowered by the level of freedom wireless control has to offer. Best of all? You can install additional rain and wind sensors that will automatically open or close the louvres the moment they detect bad weather.

Better Social Life

For reasons that can be hard to express in words, there’s just something about being outdoors that can make life’s moments that extra special. Whether it’s soaking in the cool gentle breeze, or admiring the orange glow of the evening sunset, being outside just feels different.

With an opening roof you can finally share those grand moments with the people you care about most. And since you no longer have to wait for the weather to turn in your favour, you have the freedom to invite people over any time you wish.

You’ll be amazed at just how much more fun and engaging a simple get-together can be when outdoors. From lavish dinner parties and late-night hang outs to family play time, whichever way you prefer to spend time outdoors, an opening roof can make it happen.

Don’t be surprised if your friends and family look for any excuse to come around to your place next time!

Less Mess, Less Stress

Being able to host social events at a moment’s notice is a lot of fun. But there is one downside to this benefit. What could that possibly be you ask? You have to clean up the mess.

Now, this is an understandable concern when you host a party indoors. All it takes is an accidental spill to potentially spoil the expensive carpet or hardwood flooring. Plus, the amount of leftover dishes and garbage can make it hard to find a place to unwind the morning after – before the clean-up begins.

But when you take the party outdoors… you take the mess outside too.

Got a spill on your brand new outdoor decking? No problem. Give it a thorough wipe and hose it down. Do you have dishes lying on the outdoor dining table that are waiting to be cleaned? It’s all good. You can still go about your day-to-day business inside until you get around to doing the dishes.

Increased Airflow and Sun Protection

By far the best thing about an opening roof is the adjustable louvres. As previously mentioned, they are a great way to enjoy the sunshine and protect yourself from rainfall and hail.

However, these are not the only reasons why adjustable louvres are a great addition to your outdoor space.

If you happen to be outside on a scorching hot day, you can avoid sun exposure by either closing the louvres or having them slightly open.

When open at a slight angle, the louvres will protect you from the sun yet still allow natural light to flow through the undercover space. Also, by having the louvres open at a slight angle, it will promote an increase in airflow that will help you feel nice and cool.

So no matter what the weather throws at you, you will be prepared for anything!

Great for Business

Do you run a successful restaurant, bar, café, hotel, or holiday resort? If so, then by having an opening roof you can to cater to more customers – regardless of the weather – and treat them to an experience they will absolutely love.

Not convinced? Close your eyes. Imagine a group of patrons enjoying a few pints in an undercover beer garden. Or a couple on holiday witnessing breathtaking views from the comfort of their resort patio. These are just some of the many possibilities that an undercover roof can provide for your business.

Better still, if you are a designer or architect, then an opening roof is a great way to impress your clients and boost the value of their property project.

Want to discover the benefits of an opening roof for yourself? You’ll be glad to know it costs you nothing to book a free onsite visit from us. Simply call 1300 761 201. Or fill out the online form and we’ll get straight back to you.

6 Outdoor Patio Roofing Options For Your Backyard

outdoor patio roofing options

Half of Australians consistently use their backyard for entertaining. It’s not hard to see why. 

As a culture, we love the outdoors. Plus, the pleasant weather in Australia makes spending time outside an enjoyable experience.

That’s why many homeowners seek to make their backyard an inviting oasis. They want to be able to comfortably relax on their days off and have friends over for a fun afternoon.

However, though the weather is nice, it can be unpredictable. A patio cover ensures that your outdoor bbq party doesn’t get rained out. Let’s take a look at several outdoor patio roofing options you can consider using for your outdoor space.

Opening Louvred Roof

Whether the sun is blazing hot or it’s a drizzly day, a louvred patio cover gives you the ability to still enjoy your outdoor space.

But what about those in-between days? The days when the sunlight is soft and you’d like to enjoy its gentle warmth?

An opening louvred roof is the perfect option!

Strong, marine grade aluminium blades ensure that your roof louvres won’t be corroding anytime soon. These blades are connected to a motor that rotates them at the touch of a button.

Close them tightly to keep the water out when it rains. Open them fully to enjoy a warm spring day. Close them halfway to let in a bit of sun and allow for better ventilation on a hot summer day.

An opening louvred roof is a truly all-purpose patio cover. 


Opening louvred roofs come in several different styles. The most basic is the Skillion or flat roof. 

A flat louvred roof is the easiest to install, thus making it an affordable (and quick) option. The roof will be installed with enough pitch to ensure that rainwater will slough off. The extra large gutter system makes sure that there’s no drippy rain curtain around the edges.

It also doesn’t require many posts to hold it up, depending on your house design.This is nice when you have a beautiful view that you’re not keen on covering up.


The Flyover style is essentially a Skillion roof but elevated. Instead of being an extension of your home’s roof, it is installed above it. This patio roof can either slope towards your home or away. Again, rainwater is carried away by the gutters.

The benefit to this style is that it gives you added height to your outdoor ceiling. This helps with air circulation and helps to keep your patio from feeling closed in. After all, you’re outside to enjoy the great outdoors — not to feel all stuffy like you’re still indoors.  


If you want to get a little fancier, you can opt for a gabled patio cover. This is the classic triangle shape of a house where the two halves of the roof slope up to meet in the middle.

You’ll pay a little more for this type of roof, but it’s worth it. The sleek lines add a sense of sophistication to any backyard paradise. This type of roof can even be freestanding if you prefer to cover an area not immediately next to the house.

Alfresco Style

If you’re not quite ready for a louvred system, Stylemaster’s “Alfresco” is a great option. It’s a Skillion-style roof made with large aluminium panels rather than the louvre blades.

The panels feature a mineral core that helps to insulate the patio from the elements. Without the ability to open the louvres and let in some air, this is a fantastic feature for keeping things comfortable.

This can be a freestanding cover and is perfect alongside a swimming pool or over a bbq area.

Insulated Patio Cover

An insulated patio cover is great if the sun beats down on your backyard for most of the day. The extra polystyrene core will help block all that heat and keep your covered area cool. The reverse is also true. During the cooler months, the extra insulation helps to keep heat from escaping. 

Dome Cover

Another great option for a freestanding patio cover is a dome cover. It provides something a little more interesting than the traditional gable look.

It is a little more expensive but well worth the price to have this snazzy cover in your yard. Remember that decorative touches like these can potentially fetch you a higher sale price or help sell your home faster when it comes time.

Plus, you get to enjoy it in the meantime.

Wave Cover

If you want to take the coolness factor of your patio cover up one more notch, a wave style cover is the way to do it.

This sweeping roof style will make your backyard feel reminiscent of Sydney’s opera house. 

Well, perhaps not quite that epic, but you understand. Lofty dome roofs are arranged in an overlapping fashion to create this style of roof. This roof provides excellent coverage and plenty of ventilation. 

Plus, it’s so stylish that your guests will be talking about it for months.  

More Outdoor Patio Roofing Options

Of course, this short list doesn’t encompass all the outdoor patio roofing options that are out there. You can choose, instead, a curved roof or even a glass roof. Then you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the stars while sitting comfortably under your patio cover.

To learn more about the many different styles, colours, and options available, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts can help you pick out the perfect patio cover for your needs and budget. Then, our expert installers will have it up and ready for you in no time! 

Here are 7 Solid Reasons Why You Need A Louvered Patio Cover If You Live In Sydney

Louvered Patio Cover

Sydney, Australia weather patterns switch from hot and humid to cold and wet throughout the seasons

While the weather changes might be nice for afternoon walks or days in next to the fire, it’s horrible for your patio. 

That’s why you need a louvred patio cover. 

Not sure what that means? Keep reading below to learn more about louvre roofs and why you need one if you live in Sydney. 

What Is a Louvred Patio Cover?

louvred patio cover is a roof you can control with the push of a button. If you want to enjoy the sunlight, you can open the roof. If the weather starts to look wet and drippy, you can simply close the roof and stay outside.  

In other words, a louvred patio cover lets you control your outdoor environment. 

Reasons You Need a Louvred Patio Cover If You Live in Sydney 

If you live in Sydney, your patio isn’t complete without a louvred patio cover. 


A patio without this type of roof limits the amount of time you can spend using it. While other patios might have solid roofs, they don’t provide the same level of comfort as louvred covers. That means, depending on the weather conditions, you might have to ditch the patio and retreat back inside. 

A louvred cover provides a lot of benefits that let you stay outside as long as you want whenever you want.  

Here’s a closer look at some of the most important reasons you should invest in a louvred patio cover if you live in Sydney. 

1. It Protects Your Patio Furniture 

When your patio furniture gets exposed to the elements for too long, they can become damaged. 

For example, direct sunlight can cause your upholstery or furniture to fade over time. Rain can dampen your furniture and promote mould growth. Hail storms can scratch, dent, or even break patio furniture, decoration, or other items. 

But you don’t have to worry about unpredictable weather with a louvred cover. 

Is there some concerning weather on the forecast? All you have to do is close your roof. That will help block the hot sun, heavy rain, or dangerous hail. 

2. It Provides Shade

Enjoying the warmth of the sun from your own yard can be relaxing… but not when it’s baking you alive. 

Sunburns aren’t just uncomfortable, they can also be dangerous. It can make it difficult to enjoy your patio if you’re trying to stay out of the sun or are worried about getting burned. 

But by closing your louvred roof, you can create a large, shaded area. This allows you to feel the warmth of the sun without having to suffer the painful side effects later. 

3. It Gives Your Patio Ventilation 

Sometimes the sun can go a step beyond comfortable and warm and turn your patio into a hot, stuffy area instead. 

Even though a traditional roof can provide shade, it can’t help fight the stuffiness that can sometimes come with it. A louvred cover, on the other hand, can open and create additional airflow. 

And you can make those openings as wide or narrow as you want. This allows a nice breeze into your patio without getting rid of the shade altogether. 

4. It Frees up Your Schedule 

When you’re planning an outdoor party, you usually have to schedule the festivities around the weather. That might mean pushing a BBQ dinner off until the middle of summer. 

But not anymore. 

Since your louvred cover can close, you can grill outside even if it’s raining. This makes scheduling outdoor events easier because you don’t have to think about the weather. 

It also means you don’t have to cancel your event last minute. If the weather does get bad, you can just close your louvred roof and keep the party going. 

5. It’s Easy to Use

You can control your louvred patio cover with a remote. 

Want more shade? Just press a button. Want more sunlight? Push the other button. You can open or close your louvred roof from the comfort of your patio chair. 

This is an important feature. 

Not all louvred roofs can be controlled remotely. Some louvred roofs require you to stand up and open or close it manually. So make sure the louvred roof you choose comes with the ability to control it with a remote. 

6. It Lets You Enjoy Your Patio All Year 

Because you can control the environment in your patio, you don’t have to stay away when the weather gets wet or cold. You can continue to use your patio during all four seasons of the year. 

7. It’s Custom Made

You can get your louvred roof custom made to fit your patio. That means you don’t have to worry if your patio is larger than normal or has an unusual shape. 

You don’t have to settle for less. 

Understanding the Benefits of a Louvred Patio Cover in Sydney 

Installing a louvred roof on your patio lets you control the amount of sun, rain, or wind that gets into your space. This means you can protect your patio furniture and extend their lifespan, prevent the sun from burning you or your guests during a party, schedule events without cancelling them last minute, and lets you enjoy your patio all year long. 

On top of that, louvred patio covers don’t take a lot of work. All you have to do is press a few buttons on your remote control. 

No standing up required! 

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