6 Outdoor Patio Roofing Options For Your Backyard

Outdoor Patio Roofing Options

Half of Australians consistently use their backyard for entertaining. It’s not hard to see why. 

As a culture, we love the outdoors. Plus, the pleasant weather in Australia makes spending time outside an enjoyable experience.

That’s why many homeowners seek to make their backyard an inviting oasis. They want to be able to comfortably relax on their days off and have friends over for a fun afternoon.

However, though the weather is nice, it can be unpredictable. A patio cover ensures that your outdoor bbq party doesn’t get rained out. Let’s take a look at several outdoor patio roofing options you can consider using for your outdoor space.

Opening Louvred Roof

Whether the sun is blazing hot or it’s a drizzly day, a louvred patio cover gives you the ability to still enjoy your outdoor space.

But what about those in-between days? The days when the sunlight is soft and you’d like to enjoy its gentle warmth?

An opening louvred roof is the perfect option!

Strong, marine grade aluminium blades ensure that your roof louvres won’t be corroding anytime soon. These blades are connected to a motor that rotates them at the touch of a button.

Close them tightly to keep the water out when it rains. Open them fully to enjoy a warm spring day. Close them halfway to let in a bit of sun and allow for better ventilation on a hot summer day.

An opening louvred roof is a truly all-purpose patio cover. 


Opening louvred roofs come in several different styles. The most basic is the Skillion or flat roof. 

A flat louvred roof is the easiest to install, thus making it an affordable (and quick) option. The roof will be installed with enough pitch to ensure that rainwater will slough off. The extra large gutter system makes sure that there’s no drippy rain curtain around the edges.

It also doesn’t require many posts to hold it up, depending on your house design.This is nice when you have a beautiful view that you’re not keen on covering up.


The Flyover style is essentially a Skillion roof but elevated. Instead of being an extension of your home’s roof, it is installed above it. This patio roof can either slope towards your home or away. Again, rainwater is carried away by the gutters.

The benefit to this style is that it gives you added height to your outdoor ceiling. This helps with air circulation and helps to keep your patio from feeling closed in. After all, you’re outside to enjoy the great outdoors — not to feel all stuffy like you’re still indoors.  


If you want to get a little fancier, you can opt for a gabled patio cover. This is the classic triangle shape of a house where the two halves of the roof slope up to meet in the middle.

You’ll pay a little more for this type of roof, but it’s worth it. The sleek lines add a sense of sophistication to any backyard paradise. This type of roof can even be freestanding if you prefer to cover an area not immediately next to the house.

Alfresco Style

If you’re not quite ready for a louvred system, Stylemaster’s “Alfresco” is a great option. It’s a Skillion-style roof made with large aluminium panels rather than the louvre blades.

The panels feature a mineral core that helps to insulate the patio from the elements. Without the ability to open the louvres and let in some air, this is a fantastic feature for keeping things comfortable.

This can be a freestanding cover and is perfect alongside a swimming pool or over a bbq area.

Insulated Patio Cover

An insulated patio cover is great if the sun beats down on your backyard for most of the day. The extra polystyrene core will help block all that heat and keep your covered area cool. The reverse is also true. During the cooler months, the extra insulation helps to keep heat from escaping. 

Dome Cover

Another great option for a freestanding patio cover is a dome cover. It provides something a little more interesting than the traditional gable look.

It is a little more expensive but well worth the price to have this snazzy cover in your yard. Remember that decorative touches like these can potentially fetch you a higher sale price or help sell your home faster when it comes time.

Plus, you get to enjoy it in the meantime.

Wave Cover

If you want to take the coolness factor of your patio cover up one more notch, a wave style cover is the way to do it.

This sweeping roof style will make your backyard feel reminiscent of Sydney’s opera house. 

Well, perhaps not quite that epic, but you understand. Lofty dome roofs are arranged in an overlapping fashion to create this style of roof. This roof provides excellent coverage and plenty of ventilation. 

Plus, it’s so stylish that your guests will be talking about it for months.  

More Outdoor Patio Roofing Options

Of course, this short list doesn’t encompass all the outdoor patio roofing options that are out there. You can choose, instead, a curved roof or even a glass roof. Then you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the stars while sitting comfortably under your patio cover.

To learn more about the many different styles, colours, and options available, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts can help you pick out the perfect patio cover for your needs and budget. Then, our expert installers will have it up and ready for you in no time! 


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